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Obscene! Cows, Pigs, Chickens, & Dogs Really Getting the (Her)SHAFT from Fake “Animal Rights Conference”

Obscene! Cows, Pigs, Chickens, & Dogs Really Getting the (Her)SHAFT from Fake “Animal Rights Conference” – organizer & Alex Hershaft Must Go! YOU Must Go Too – to Protest (NOT to Support this Depraved Betrayal of Animals!!!) …I wish I could be there…

What is called the “animal rights CONference” really makes me want to vomit – as if I were being served “meat”, dairy, or eggs. Isn’t that’s what this bogus event is actually doing.

How are these Vegan-mocking speakers acceptable to you? Each one is worse than the next…

There’s Brian Kateman, the founder of the excuse-i-tarian Reducitarian movement, the bacon-chomping “vegetarian”, with his message “you can change the world by ordering a smaller steak”. Then there’s another moral failure, Matt Ball of Farm Sanctuary, urging you to order more “steak”, more pig, more anything (or anyone), except chickens. Then you have the conspiracy against chickens – the club of four, HSUS, Mercy for Animals, the Humane League, and Compassion Over Killing, awash in over $12,000,000 in donation bribery, motivating them to promote egg and chicken eating. If you think “cage-free” eggs are a victory for animals and a campaign worthy of “animal rights” advocacy, you need to read what Mercy for Animals used to say about them, before $3,000,000 enticed its “about face”. When we cheer the grinding alive of every male chick just after birth, the mutilation, harsh confinement, and murder of every female – when we cheer that, we are a fraud.

Both Ball and Kateman engage in inexcusable Vegan mockery. Kateman satires Vegans in his talk as “hippies”. Ball presents Vegans as mean, angry, and offensive, ironically making his point by showing videos of Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), a group that has never uttered the word “Vegan” in its life, whose founder, Wayne Hsiung, wrote a lengthy piece called “Boycott Veganism”. (Maybe that’s why Hershaft invited him to speak.)

Both Ball and Kateman rationalize their animal-eating campaigns by asserting some failure in the acceptance of Veganism, which is growing in spite of such failed thinking and failed characters. There has never been a VEGAN MOVEMENT, just Vegans out there protesting against fur, circuses, Sea World. The failure has been Vegans not promoting going Vegan. What the world needs most now is a Vegan movement, Vegan education, and Vegan activism – not some CONference telling people to eat less “steak” and eat more “steak”, and glorifying those who partner with the egg industry in support of battery cages, who distribute coupons for pig-flesh “bacon”, who create legislation for SMALLER cages for dogs in vivisection and breeding, who endorse selling dogs in shelters to researchers.

You will be among them, giving them applause, money, and “thanks”. You will sit with them at the banquet, all these smiley friendly faces. Be careful! If they influence the menu at this event the way they are influencing the world, breakfast could be scrambled “cage-free” eggs with “crate-free” bacon, lunch could be a “lab-meat” animal burger, and for dinner – “steak”, of course – 16 ounces if you are a Matt Ball / Farm Sanctuary “animal rights” activist, 12 ounces if you are a Brian Kateman / Reducitarian “animal rights” activist.

Thank you, Alex Hershaft – “meat”-industry innovator extraordinaire, and organizer of this masquerade party for animal-betrayal specialists. They couldn’t do it without you. We can’t have a real animal rights movement with you.


– Bob Linden

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