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WATCH the live debut of GO VEGAN TV WITH BOB LINDEN this Thursday at 4pm / pacific, syndicated through TradioV ( – guests in studio in San Francisco include vegan “Peace Mom” CINDY SHEEHAN getting ready to pedal from California to DC by bike as she embarks on her “Tour de Peace” next week – ALSO – We celebrate his birthday with a “Special Tribute to Vegan Hero Cesar Chavez” – we talk to his granddaughter TERESA CHAVEZ-DELGADO – AND – munch organic non-gmo Mexican food from FLACOS vegan Mexican restaurant in Berkeley with San Francisco Vegetarian Society President DIXIE MAHY – PLUS – BOB talks about – Cage-Free Easter Eggs, Happy Holiday Ham, and Humane Passover Leg of Lamb – Today’s Feel-Good Guilt-Free In-Fashion Way to Celebrate the Holidays with the Blood of Animal Massacre Dripping Off Your Plate – (People still eat a dish knowing it’s someone’s leg? Oy vay)

Don’t miss GO VEGAN RADIO WITH BOB LINDEN on radio in Southern California’s Inland Empire on KCAA-AM-1050 ( Sundays at 1pm and KEST-AM-1450 in San Francisco ( Sundays at 4pm, on your smart phone via, or archived on our new website at www.GoVeganRadio.comwhere you can donate to help pay for airtime and production costs – GO VEGAN RADIO WITH BOB LINDEN will – in the first weekend in May – start syndication through the Genesis Communications Network, the fastest growing talk radio network in the world (with 800 radio station affiliates) and will be GCN’s first “food program”. Oh, it’s a “food program” too?  

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