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The Joy of Dairy & Eggs

I received an email from someone interested in going Vegan, but she said she finds joy in eating dairy and eggs, and that the farmers in Vermont treat animals well. My response…

Hi Sue,

My thoughts could fill 16 years of radio shows.

For the joy – or momentary pleasure of the palate – animals are brought into this world to suffer fear, terror, and pain – and mutilation, torture, imprisonment, and murder. We have no right to oppress and use others for food or clothing when it is totally unnecessary, and detrimental to health and environment. Rationalizing that some farmers may treat animals well is not a reflection of the truth. Ask your “do-good” Vermont farmers if they have to “rape” a cow to produce the baby whose milk humans steal. The “rape” usually takes place on what the dairy industry calls a “rape rack”. Ask your “do-good” Vermont farmers if you can listen to the wailing cries of mama cow for her baby boy as he is kidnapped just after birth to become “veal” or “beef”. Ask the “do-good” farmers if mama cow gets sanctuary for life, or does she become hamburger when she can no longer produce. Ask YOURSELF – “am I a baby cow? What am I doing as an adult consuming the baby food of a different species whose nutritional requirements are for growing to a couple thousand pounds, with four legs, a tail, horns?” What you are doing is exposing yourself to the #1 carcinogen in America – dairy protein, in a cocktail of pus, urine, and possibly tuberculosis and leukemia. Egg eating is no better. Cancer risk is greatly increased by its consumption, and it is a virtual cholesterol bomb. Again – check with your “do-good” Vermont farmers. What happens to all male chicks in the egg industry? They are worthless, so usually ground alive or suffocated after birth. I doubt the farmers have a sanctuary for those male babies or the hens when they are no longer “productive”. Whether they lived in cages or so-called “cage-free”, their lives are nothing but horror and terror. There is no “humane” raising of animals for food and there is no “humane slaughter”. These are marketing ploys to divert people who care about animals away from doing what is necessary – going VEGAN! (Consumption and production of “meat”, dairy, fish, and eggs are also the cause of the planet’s worst environmental devastation, a topic regularly covered on my radio program.)

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