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The Charity Evaluator that Can’t Evaluate Charities
Wow! Animal Charity Evaluators thinks the Gates Foundation is the highest model of exemplary altruistic philanthropy (even though it’s the biggest funder of GMO’s, in bed with Monsanto, Bayer, the Clinton Foundation, huge pharma, huge agribusiness, climate geoengineering, and mass vaccinations pumping monkey kidney, calf serum, and formaldehyde into innocent children).
It looks like ACE did as much research into IT as it does on theanimal charities” it picks as “the best” – even though such organizations have partnered with United Egg Producers to promote “furnished” battery cages, and now campaign for supposed “animal victories” that celebrate the grinding of millions of male baby chicks, the mutilation, harsh imprisonment, and murder of millions of hens, and the development of genetically-engineered “lab meat” derived from animals.
It’s no wonder that the goofy Open Philanthropy Project accused ACE of relying upon “low-quality research” and “low-quality data” – but then inexplicably gave ACE a $500,000 grant for its low-quality work. The Open Philanthropy Project is spending millions of dollars making low-quality decisions that are horribly detrimental to animals. It even thought it could get Mercy For Animals to reverse its position AGAINST “cage-free” eggs merely by dangling millions of dollars in front of MFA, one of ACE’s “top charity” choices. Was MFA chosen for this award for opposing “cage-free” eggs – or supporting them, as it now does?

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