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Some people are upset that I conducted an anti-vaccine interview recently

Some people are upset that I conducted an anti-vaccine interview recently on GO VEGAN RADIO WITH BOB LINDEN (link below) with Kent Heckenlively, author of “Inoculated – How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism”, presumably without any inspection or consideration of the hidden documents he seeks to expose.

Vaccination is a religion in this country, and to be anti-vaccine is to be anti-American. Vaccines are the one non-vegan product that many vegans vehemently defend. Vegans and anti-corporatists who usually oppose pharmaceutical companies – and animal experimentation – give them a pass when it comes to vaccines.
I am happy to not be a breeder of humans, but had I had children, I never would have allowed them to be vaccinated. I think that it is criminal and a violation of rights for the state to mandate such invasive action. Who owns your body – the state or you?
Who owns your mind – the state or you? Don’t people have a right to consider what is being forced into their bodies? Why are vegans advocating for something very much non-vegan? Why do you accept pharmaceutical industry and government propaganda so readily when clearly the ingredients are a toxic, carcinogenic dead animal smoothie. Why would you not question the safety of injections (especially into newborn babies) containing such ingredients as viruses, bacteria, mercury, formaldehyde, preservatives, eggs, chick kidney, monkey kidneys, bovine extract, calf serum, lactose, gelatin from pigs, aborted human fetuses, human blood, human DNA, MSG, yeast extract, and other horrific, toxic ingredients…
Go Vegan Radio with Bob Linden 11/28 archive: 
Animal-Derived Ingredients in Vaccines: 
good resource for information questioning safety and effectiveness of vaccines: 

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  1. Tom
    Tom December 22, 2016 at 3:43 pm | | Reply

    The anti-vaccine interview was fabulous!!

  2. markgil
    markgil December 26, 2016 at 7:58 am | | Reply

    agree 1000% Bob! i don’t think i have been attacked worse than the times i spoke out against vaccines and most of them were vegans! just another case of using people’s fear against them in order to make a profit. i can’t figure out which are worse-the pro GMO vegans or the pro vaccine vegans. unfortunately in many cases the people who support one also support the other.

    btw, the thing that the vaccine pushers will NEVER tell people is that almost all the diseases they are trying to prevent came about as a result of enslaving non-human animals.

  3. Jennifer Richards
    Jennifer Richards December 30, 2016 at 2:28 am | | Reply

    Vaccination is not a religion but a science, the anti-vaccination efforts ate most compatible to a religion as they are based on an [admitted] lie and scientific illiteracy.

    I don’t know of your interviewer, but “hidden” documents is a sufficient indicator of the level of nonsense he’s peddling, and no doubt profiteering from his sociopathic lies.

    By all means oppose vaccinations on the basis of animal experimentation, cruelty, and the fact that most vaccinations are only necessary because of breeding animals (to consume), but to oppose them from ignorance and the continued preparation of falsehoods discredits you.

    Pandering to this anti-science nonsense dangerous and is nothing but foolishness that kills children.

  4. Tim
    Tim January 23, 2017 at 12:27 am | | Reply

    Bob, it’s as if you didn’t actually read the comments on that episode of your show:
    you know- the people that are upset. Your blog post here did not address their main points at all. I think it is important to consider what people are pointing out is wrong with your coverage featuring this anti-vaccine guy’s claims as factual. He is clearly wrong.

  5. Tim
    Tim January 23, 2017 at 12:28 am | | Reply

    Also please read this before scare mongering about toxins in vaccines:

  6. Tonka
    Tonka January 24, 2017 at 3:24 pm | | Reply

    Bob you are wrong on vaccines causing autism. Not much I can say that hasn’t already been said on that episode by others. You really need to reexamine the science. You can disagree with vaccines because they are not vegan, but you are wrong about their safety profile and you’re support for anti-vaccine conspiracies. Ironically there’s a powerful parallel here with climate change denial. You listen to science there, yet you don’t with vaccines. The CDC cover-up conspiracy is not true. Please take a moment to read this extremely thorough analysis:

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