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A Plate of Ahimsa, Please

Read Bob Linden’s article “A Plate of Ahimsa, Please” published in the March 2005 edition of Yogi Times. This articles responds to a previous article, “Conscious Carnivores”(as if that’s possible), published in Yogi Times (Dec/Jan 2005).   A Plate of Ahimsa, Please (putting peace on the menu)   By Bob Linden How curious it is for me [...]

URGENT – Climate March Follow-Up for Environmentalists

Climate March Follow-Up: An Urgent Appeal to Reject Planet-Destroying “Environmental” Organizations’ Counter-Productive Activities & Actually Do What’s Necessary to Stop Climate Change Before It’s Too Late! This is the most important information that you will ever hear about Climate Change – a truth so inconvenient that “environmental” groups hide it from the public, which pretty [...]

My Response to Outrageous Gibberish from the Anti-Animal, Pro-“Meat”, Anti-Environment SIERRA CLUB

I discussed the stupidest article I’ve ever read on my radio program recently: It is such an insult to intelligence, that it also merits a written response… The Sierra Club is a fraud in much the same way as the Humane Society of the United States is. Neither is dedicated to its supposed [...]

31 October 2016

Our Halloween Show, with our traditional message – GO VEGAN OR DIE! + The Blob that should scare you away from eating creatures from the sea + Nobody’s a Winner with Weiner + Cheese Bailout Note: Oct 31st’s show was initially in our feed for few hours with the previous weeks description and mp3 file. Be a Champion [...]

Att: Attendees of the World Vegan Summit & Expo

Att: Attendees of the World Vegan Summit & Expo – Talk about Your Experience on Go Vegan Radio, Complete Our Survey, Share Your Videos & Photos – SEE BELOW… Finally, I have washed the fingerprints of every attendee at the World Vegan Summit & Expo off of Daisy’s little vegan chihuahua body, and I am [...]

Love Animals? Hate HSUS!

The HSUS message is “Love Animals? Eat Them!”. How have we come to the point where “loving animals” now means – “with ketchup”? Just as you cannot be a “meat”-eating environmentalist, you cannot support the Humane Society of the United States and be an “animal advocate” (or environmental advocate, or human health advocate, or social [...]

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