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  • The Joy of Dairy & Eggs

    I received an email from someone interested in going Vegan, but she said she finds joy in eating dairy and eggs, and that the farmers in Vermont treat animals well. My response… Hi Sue, My thoughts could fill 16 years of radio shows. For the joy – or momentary pleasure of the palate – animals [...] Read More »
  • The Charity Evaluator that Can’t Evaluate Charities

    Wow! Animal Charity Evaluators thinks the Gates Foundation is the highest model of exemplary altruistic philanthropy (even though it’s the biggest funder of GMO’s, in bed with Monsanto, Bayer, the Clinton Foundation, huge pharma, huge agribusiness, climate geoengineering, and mass vaccinations pumping monkey kidney, calf serum, and formaldehyde into innocent children). It looks like ACE [...] Read More »
  • A Plate of Ahimsa, Please

    Read Bob Linden’s article “A Plate of Ahimsa, Please” published in the March 2005 edition of Yogi Times. This articles responds to a previous article, “Conscious Carnivores”(as if that’s possible), published in Yogi Times (Dec/Jan 2005).   A Plate of Ahimsa, Please (putting peace on the menu)   By Bob Linden How curious it is for me [...] Read More »

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