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DxE Meet Hillary – When “Until Every Animal Is Free” Is Spun Into Anti-Trump Rhetoric for the Clinton Campaign

DxE Meet Hillary – When “Until Every Animal Is Free” Is Spun Into Anti-Drumpf Rhetoric for the Clinton Campaign

I really do like, admire, and respect the people whose care and concern about animals motivate them to want to take direct action. What is unfortunate is that many of those people have gravitated toward an organization of directionless action that transforms activists’ time, energy, and money into useless, meaningless, nothingness.

Why does Direct Action Everywhere seem to sit so comfortably at the table with those anti-vegan animal betrayal specialists who have hijacked the “animal rights movement”, much as corrupt corporatists now control the Democrat Party?

The “animal rights” corporatists had their convention, or”animal rights conference” (AR-CON), in July in Los Angeles. This is literally – by profession – a gathering of blood-sucking butchers, sell-outs who sell us a platform of “cage-free” eggs along with “modified” battery cages, dead-pig “bacon” coupons, nouveau “100% real meat” (animal “meat” nourished by the blood of unborn baby cows), as well as the latest make-believe concoctions in profitable “humane” animal exploitation and deceitful fund-raising PR.

For some strange reason, these are the people Direct Action Everywhere identifies as those with whom it wants to “build bridges”, as stated by DxE founder Wayne Hsiung, author of something called “Boycott Veganism”. Hsiung praises these people, saying that they are “doing great work”, e.g. his buddy, Bruce Friedrich, the Chipotle-loving cheerleader for “modified” battery cages, financial aid for turkey “farmers” to build bigger barns, and that new darling of a compromised “animal rights movement” – “cultured meat”, biotech “meat” from animals that isn’t from animals that is from animals – for which there is no consumer demand and no commercial viability for decades into the future, if then. Apparently these “entrepreneurs” believe that “meat” eaters are salivating over the recommendations for animal “meat” that vegans may have for them in 20 or 30 years, should such flesh actually appear in the deli case at Safeway or Whole Foods. Why are we concerned with promoting the animal “meat” of the distant future at the expense of wonderful companies producing phenomenal vegan alternatives that are available today? Bruce Friedrich now heads Mercy For Animals’ “Good Food Institute”, where animal-derived “meat” is good food and, as promoted by AR-CON “Meat Is Delicious and We’re Not Going to Stop Eating It”.

One would expect that DxE would rise in protest against the rich conglomerate of animal exploitation sitting next to it at AR-CON – including the Humane Society of the US, Mercy for Animals, FARM USA, Farm Sanctuary, Compassion Over Killing, In Defense of Animals, PeTA, the Good Food Institute, and others. Is DxE with them or against them?
The establishment Humane Society of the United States and edgy Direct Action Everywhere, at opposite ends of the same dais, are very good at attracting media attention. Unfortunately, this virtually assures that the animals will never benefit from the VEGAN message that they so desperately need.

Why does DxE go to such great lengths to accomplish nothing? Barricades at a Hillary Clinton rally in Nevada and swarms of Secret Service agents are no obstacle to DxE in its quest to publicize vague, confusing, incomprehensible slogans that we would expect more to be the domain of politicians. “Until Every Animal Is Free” meet “Fighting For Us”. “I’m With Her” meet “Who (sic) Did They Kill Today”. “Yes We Can” – do what?

How does the incomplete phrase “Until Every Animal Is Free” serve ANY purpose at all, keep any animals from being served as food or stop any animal skin from serving as clothing? Nobody can possibly know what “Until Every Animal Is Free” means. It certainly doesn’t ask anybody to take any direct action, indirect action, or any action. At least we understand the other “animal rights” message – “meat is delicious and we’re not going to stop eating it”. Pity the animals supposed to be represented by this “movement”, and pity the people supposed to be represented by Democrats.

Onstage, Hillary is surrounded by Secret Service agents trying to protect her from the chanting of a slogan so confusing, it can short circuit anyone’s brain, as it did to Hillary that day. She needed a re-boot, and her medical handler jumped to her side, commanding her to “keep talking”, secret code for – say something about Drumpf. As Hillary repeated that she was going to “keep talking”, it occurred to her that she must turn that DxE slogan into pro-Hillary anti-Drumpf campaign rhetoric. So Hillary says: “…apparently these people are here to protest Drumpf, because Drumpf and his kids have killed a lot of animals, So thank you for making that point.”

Congratulations DxE for being thanked and appreciated by Hillary, and helping her to make her pointless point. When it comes to enabling the liars among us, “yes we can”.

So is DxE actually saying “I’m with her” by saying “Until Every Animal Is Free”? Yes, No, Maybe So – as DxE goes flip floppin’ like a Hillary talking NAFTA or gay marriage. In an open letter, DxE seems to present a glowing endorsement, however momentarily, of Hillary for having animal issues in her platform (as if platforms matter):

“When your campaign released its animal rights platform in May — the first ever by a major presidential party — animal supporters rejoiced. It was a powerful sign of the times that a major party presidential candidate would publicly state her support for ‘animal rights’.”

By the time I got the memo that I was supposed to rejoice, it was too late – DxE was quickly finished with rejoicing itself, regardless of having been thrown a bone in pursuit of the stronger-together “animal rights” vote. DxE’s rejoicing was so short-lived, it wasn’t even worth mentioning . It only lasted a paragraph or so into further reading that platform. Retracting its rejoicing, DxE said to Hillary:

“Sadly, while your platform says that you support animal rights, what you support does not yet look like true “rights.” Your platform calls for ‘encouraging farms to raise animals humanely.’ What exactly does this mean?” (Why didn’t DxE ask that of the groups attending AR-CON?)

You see, DxE – it’s no fun to be confused and not know what something means. I’m confused. You’re confused. The public is confused. Hillary is confused; maybe she saw one of your “Until Every Animal Is FREE” placards and interpreted that as support for “cage-FREE” eggs – even thinking that her plank for “humane” farming, would be a concession to you. After all, this is the land of the FREE, so “Cage-Free” and “Free Range” sound almost patriotic, even liberating – “what do we want, animal liberation”. If we want animal liberation, and we seem to want it now, what do we ask people to do now to achieve it?

Without a vegan message, all of DxE’s actions are ineffective and irresponsible and unfair to the animals – and the planet – who are depending on us to save them, when a Vegan movement is the ONLY way that we can. Yes, we can.

From the DxE open letter: “Your platform on animal rights, then, rests on a contradiction. You say you supports (sic) animal rights, but you support an industry whose existence is based on violating any rights — to life, to liberty, or to happiness — that animals might want. Today we are calling on you to fix this contradiction by calling for an end to government support for industry, including subsidies and government checkoff programs that are already subject of a bill recently introduced by U.S. Senators Cory Booker and Mike Lee, and affirmatively supporting legal personhood for nonhuman animals.”

DxE is asking the impossible – and a lot – from a dishonest politician who is a corporate merchant of death, who dines on flesh and blood, and whose fortune began in suspicious “cattle” investments and protecting the corrupt, polluting interests of chicken-killing Tyson’s in Arkansas.

Wouldn’t it just be more sensible, easier, more productive, and more effective to campaign for everyone to GO VEGAN?…/Hillary-Clinton-gets-heckled-a…

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  1. Louise mollot di cicco
    Louise mollot di cicco January 4, 2017 at 1:13 pm | | Reply

    Clinton campaign paid by biggest meat Tyson,see Gail eisnitz book slaughterhouse,shocking story of greed etc,best big includes lots worker slaves interview s concerned about the animals they deal with,n info on Hillary,s windfall profits from investment in meats

  2. Tere Albanese
    Tere Albanese January 9, 2017 at 10:15 am | | Reply

    Hello Bob! I just discovered your site & I’m so glad I did. I am a hard core vegan and I read your article “DxE Meet Hillary-When “Until Every Animal is Free” Is Spun Into Anti-Trump Rhetoric for the Clinton Campaign.” I completely agree that heartfelt and seemingly courageous “call to action” phrases are many times simply absurd. What does “Until Every Animal is Free” mean? It means nothing because no one can release all the billions of animals that have been unnaturally put on the planet. Where would they go? Where they are presently is causing a catastrophe. Setting them free would be an even bigger catastrophe. In all of man’s intelligence humanity has broken through every fail-safe that Mother Nature has strategically put in place. Those fail-safes will only fix what occurs naturally. Nature cannot fix the unnatural overpopulation of domestic animals. Nor can she fix an overpopulation of humans, whose only natural predator is death and since we have scientifically prolonged our lifespan we are literally killing the earth in terms of life as we know it. I have been a journalist for many years, but only recently started writing about animal cruelty on all fronts. When I heard that Tilikum was dying, over a year ago, I started looking into his life. I wrote an article on him that was published in VeganLife, UK. I will post it today on my site. However, you can read the uncut work on my site under “Animals in the News.”It has been updated since he died. The title is “The Sad Life of Tilikum is Over-He is Dead.” I burst into tears when I found out. The sad truth is he only lived two years of the life he should have had. I also wrote an article on Harambe. And I have many more. I have just written my first book, Virgil the Hound. It is based on a true story, about a foxhound that does not want to hunt foxes. It is written as an epic poem in rhyming quatrains. I want to get as many reviews from reputable people, such as you, before I launch. I would also be a great interview on your show. I have secured PETA and Beagle Freedom Project’s endorsements. I’m acquainted with Dr. Barnard. I met him at conference in LA. I will be reaching out to him today and many more. I would love to work with you and I’ll do it for nothing until I’m helping your station make money. I have so much to say and many times it has never been said, but it needs to be heard. I can get an interview with anyone and my questions are questions that no one else asks. I have just done an in depth interview with a Hall of Fame thoroughbred racehorse trainer that totally understands that there is cruelty in the industry and I wrote an article on him. Please read my article on Tilikum. Please contact me. And thank you, for all that you do.

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