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Go Vegan Radio
- 17 April 2017
As Earth Day approaches, BOB totally trashes and buries in the landfill the irresponsible fake environmental movement that completely ignores the #1 cause of Climate Change and the ONLY solution before it's too late, with harsh criticism for, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and the climate march to nowhere. BOB has special ridicule for the "meat"-eating editor of "Sierra" magazine who brags that he has no problem with animals being killed (typical Sierra Club and pseudo "environmentalist" attitude), and who has published nonsensical mind-blowing gibberish attempting to create a moral basis supporting their mass murder in perhaps the stupidest article ever (...more)
Go Vegan Radio
- 20 March 2017
BOB Returns from the Natural Products Expo with a Review of New Exciting Vegan Products - Hear Interviews from the Anaheim Convention Center + IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Those with Age-Related Macular-Degeneration Vision Issues + Climate Change Health Threats + Cheese (...more)

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