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Loving Hut San Francsisco Sunset

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  1. Chris
    Chris November 30, 2014 at 10:18 pm | | Reply

    Give em HELL Bob! I’m a new listener and just celebrated my 2nd all vegan Thanksgiving. I have converted my mom, my partner, and more than a few of my friends and plan on veganizing the world! I work for Publix in Florida and thanks to my constant bitching and complaining have made them change their 60+ year tradition of giving the associates a $5 off coupon for a murdered turkey we now have a choice between that or a $5 off coupon towards a cruelty-free Tofurky roast. The coolest part is that in my store alone there were 43 employees that chose the Tofurky! I know that it’s probably not that big of a triumph but I know of a few that said that they would eat more of the cruelty-free stuff instead of the dead alternative. I constantly have customers ask me how I’ve lost just under 150 lbs. That when I get em interested in the whole Vegan eating thing. Before they know it I hit them with the Earthlings Movie thing and more time than not they realize that there is no turning back! Thanks again Bob for all you do.

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