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2013 Person of the Year

GO VEGAN RADIO announces its “2013 Person of the Year” – EVERY VEGAN on Earth!!! If YOU are one, THANKS for your compassionate contribution of sparing innocent animals from the suffering and death of the greatest massacre ever, THANKS for not contributing to the more than 51% of climate-changing human-caused greenhouse gas emissions blamed on animal agriculture, THANKS for saving over 300,000 gallons of water growing your food in 2013 compared to animal flesh & secretion eaters, THANKS for saving trees, the rain forest, natural resources, and habitat, and THANKS for your noble contribution to social justice, non-violence, and peace. 

“In recognition of who is truly our greatest contemporary world hero, it is an honor to congratulate EVERY VEGAN for being the “2013 Person of the Year”. If you too would like to be “2013 Person of the Year”, and you’re not vegan yet, you are running out of time.” – Bob Linden,  

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