Stanford Inn By the Sea

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  1. Marvin
    Marvin November 23, 2014 at 9:15 am | | Reply

    Simply love your show and your upbeat style, especially when dealing with difficult topics.

    I am totally vegan but I’ve been vegetarian / near vegan for roughly 35 years, which has made for some interesting family events. One of these you might find of interest. In the 1980’s my parents lived in Pasadena, Ca. At that time they managed an apartment building.

    My father had serious heart disease which was addressed using open heart surgery. Neither parents were vegetarian or vegan, and certainly did not understand my diet or lifestyle.

    While dad was in hospital I went to California it help my mother manage their building. While there I sought out vegetarian restaurants. What I found was a unique drive thru vegetarian restaurant in on Lake Ave in Pasadena.

    You can find them here

    While dad was in hospital mom and I would go out for lunch everyday. We would drive to the vegetarian place first, where I would order my lunch. Then I would drive to the Burger King on the opposite corner where we would go in so mom could order her burger combo.

    We would sit there day after day, me eating vegan, mom eating her burger. Aside from being vegan, mine lunch was always better in taste and value.

    The irony of this weird lunch arrangement was not lost on me. Knowing as I did that my dad’s heart surgery could have been avoided if only he’d eaten a more healthy diet – all the while watching mom chow down on a burger.

    It was at times a moment of high strangeness. But I digress from my original point.

    At the time of my original discovery Orean’s advertised being the original and only vegan drive thru. The building at that location was an A-Frame structure, which I suspect had been another conventional drive through restaurant. The design gave it the appearance of the famous Snoopy Dog house from the Peanuts cartoon strip. Realizing that fact my mother so dubbed it as Snoopy’s Dog House – which amused us both.

    I think it would be wonderful if you could feature this place on one of your broadcasts. It certainly must have an interesting back story. So far as I can tell it is still in operation.

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