Stanford Inn By the Sea

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  1. Sa Del Russi
    Sa Del Russi November 15, 2014 at 10:24 am | | Reply

    Greetings Mr. Linden,
    I wanted to take a second to express haw appreciated your broadcast is and how desperately necessary it is as well. One wishes you were on the air for at least eight hours a day(I’m sure you’d just love that.)
    Not only is the Vegan message the elephant in the room(I personally am a very low keyed individual but have caused many a so called “progressive” to squirm without saying more than a few words) but your delivery is very entertaining. You have an excellent radio demeanor. I suppose Tom Hartman should cool it for a second with the know it all attitude and take the time to listen to you if he wishes to live up to his self proclaimed “progressive” persona. At any rate thank you for all you do. My only wish would be that there could be many more of you to go around. It was one thing in the old days when people kept themselves in blind ignorance to the plight of Animals but here in the “information age” there is no excuse for using Animals for any reason whatsoever. We humans are guilty of any number of atrocities throughout our dubious history but those perpetrated against the Animals are the blackest of the black among our dark deeds. Many thanks to you and I wish you and everyone important to you (Animals included, of course) a very happy, healthy and blessed holiday. Sincerely, Sam Del Russi.

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